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Message to Promoters

Carolina Dual Sporters is interested in adding your dual sport ride to our schedule. We charge you nothing, we charge participants nothing. Your ride will be exposed to riders you otherwise may not reach, through publishing here as well as promotions of your event at events preceding it.

What do you need to do? Provide us with a short write up about your event and any pictures or video you would like included on your page. Your event date and flyer are very important to have decided on early. This will allow us to display your date and deliver your flyer to the riders.

What are your responsibilities? We will need the names and email addresses of the participants at your ride. This will allow us to verify riders in the hunt for series end prizes, and allow us to promote all the events via email for the following year. You will need to display the Carolina Dual Sporters banner and event schedule sign, and have a table available to distribute flyers for future events. We ask that you include the CDS website URL on your flyer, and that you print and send 75 flyers to the 2 events that precede yours {you are free to send them to even earlier events!}. Making sure at least one member of your club attends the event before yours to pick up the promotionals.

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