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Below is a personal message from our former webpage administrator and long time member who passed on November 10, 2021.

Hi, I’m Robert, and I run this little site for riding fun. After a bad fall riding season, I got some bad news.

Totaled out my GoldWing after being hit by a red light runner mid October. Pain meds resulted in some serious intestinal issues I assumed were due to the accident, and secretly wished would just cure themselves.

Well, they didn’t cure themselves, and they werent due to the accident.

Colon cancer, Stage 3, and waiting for the results from a biopsy to establish Stage 4.

Was forced to move my workshop late in this game due to a greedy landlord who could have made the move months earlier. Been in the new place for a month, but no work running through due to the move and medical issues. I run a 1 man paint and body shop.

They started off attempting to remove the cancer, but bailed on that surgery when they were able to see how big it was. Plan is to now go through chemo and radiation treatments to shrink things down before another surgery to remove it.

Went through my first chemo treatment last Tuesday, and they sent me home with an automatic pump to inject another chemo drug over 2 days. Judging by the side effects of that first run, I am not sure when I will be able to return to work.

I have a gofundme page set up, if you care to donate. Your prayers and well wishes are welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you for reading and considering!

Robert Wilcox

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