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  1. enjoyed photographing the Broxton dual sport! Link to my website

  2. firefighter539 says:

    Can I register online or do I need to mail in my registration? Thanks

  3. familyriderssc says:

    None of the rides listed on CDS has online registration, You can mail it in or register at the event. If it gets too close to the event for the mail to get there, just hold off and register at the event. Contact the host of the ride to let them know you are coming.

  4. jpryther says:

    Who do we contact to get an event flyer posted?

  5. Scott Hodgemire says:

    I’m not sure if anyone will see this, but with the loss of Robert, I will no longer have any updates for upcoming group rides, having met some of you, I’m hoping someone will reach out to me. I gave out my card to some of you on the last BRP ride I attended. I hope to hear from someone. -Scott. (goat guy)

  6. familyriderssc says:

    please send to We just gained access back to this webpage and will be actively updating it now. Thanks

  7. familyriderssc says:

    We have gained access to the webpage again and will be actively updating with available information. Hope you will stick around!

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