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Carolina Dual Sporter Webpage Activity

Update: Flyer is available at the top of webpage.

The Broxton Bridge Dual Sport Flyer coming soon! Please check back for the 2023 information.

Here is the spot for your ride reports, questions, compliments and criticisms!

Welcome to Carolina Dual Sporters, your center for organized dual sport and adventure rides.

The Carolina Dual Sporters main purpose is to inform dual sport riders across the southeast of upcoming events within the Carolina Dual Sporters series. There are no dues, no memberships and no sanction fees for promoters.

We promote the use of quiet street legal dirt bikes. We encourage you keep the sound down and get your bike tagged and if necessary in some states, inspected. We also encourage you to carry enough medical insurance at all times.

Furthermore, when riding any events, we want all riders to make a positive impact on us as Dual Sport riders. Remember, when riding any event, the first impression is a lasting impression and we want that impression to be a positive one and above all have fun.