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2017 Armenia Dual Sport

Video courtesy of Ron B

Armenia Dual Sport Pix
The Armenia pictures are up on my website. Can you please share this link for the guys?


2016 event recap

Hey riders! Just a note of thanks for coming and participating in the 2016 Armenia Dual Sport Ride.

First report coming in says we raised $9758 and pretty sure we have other funds coming in as well. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all. We had donations from $5 to $1000 with a total of over $3400 in just donations. All of you in the off-road community are the most gracious and giving bunch of motorcycle riders around. I’ll stack you up against anyone.
Been doing this for 12 years and each year I continue to be amazed how much fun it is to see ya’ll having fun. 
Couple of riders won some money in the “poker run’ drawing. As you know if you checked in with us you were able to draw 5 numbers from a bucket. This year to make it a little more fair, we gave a crisp Benjamin Franklin C note to the lowest number as well as the highest number. This year Ricky Dennis took low honors with a score of 202 and Clint Lemon took the high honors with a score of 788.
The other thing I was amazed at was that I was standing at the end of one of the sections and pointed to the reset sign with a left turn arrow. Then I showed the rider on his roll chart where he was and pointed to the LPR on his route sheet. Wouldn’t you know it, he turned RIGHT. Uh: DUH! Saw him later at another section and he was laughing when he rolled up to me again. I said, “I’m gonna let you figure this one out on your own”. He got it right! Oh well maybe I need to keep my mouth shut huh?
By the way: There are a number of videos already posted on you tube. A few are listed below. There are more, but these will get you started. More I understand will come later.
Again I thank you

Here is a link to the Armenia write-up, and a bunch of other very informative articles!

TractionErag July 2015


The inception of the Armenia Dual Sport dates back to 2005 when the 1st Annual Dual Sport ride was started. Marvin Grant convinced his church membership to allow him to put trail on their property and host a church fundraiser. The 2017 Armenia Dual Sport will be the 13th annual event. Sponsors such as the Blue Ridge Pathfinders, The Family Riders, Blythe Earthworks, Performance Cycle, Honda/Kawasaki/Suzuki/Yamaha of Orangeburg, McKinney-Salinas Powersports and Columbia Powersports all contribute to the success of the ride each year.
The ride is limited to 150 participants with quiet street legal bikes. The last few years have been sellouts and is considered by some riders as a reunion ride. Entry fee includes lunch at the halfway point with a full breakfast available ($5) for those that camp or come early. Pre-registrants also get a free t-shirt.
All proceeds go to the Armenia Church for paying off a capital improvement project plus helping with other church programs such as Salkahatchie and others.
The best part some riders say is those yummy desserts, especially homemade banana pudding, at the lunch stop (which is back at the start) made by the church ladies each year. Some riders opt out on the second half with most complaining they are too full to ride.
Y’all come on by, we’d love to have you.



Here is the spot for your ride reports, questions, compliments and criticisms!

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