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Here is the spot for your ride reports, questions, compliments and criticisms!

The Carolina Dual Sport series was created was to give the dual sport rider rides that they could depend on to be similar in format and to help the promoter insure success with attendance. Although the terrain will range from low country sand through tall pines; to rolling valleys of red clay through old growth timber; to roots, rocks and hills through big oaks in the foothills.

Each promoter will try to provide as much single track trail they can, connecting them with 2 track, logging roads, dirt roads while using the least amount of pavement as possible.

Basically a enduro with no checks, no racing, just good trail riding with your buddies. You’ll need knobby tires for sure. These events are designed for quiet street legal bikes like WRs , DRs, EXCs and the like. Big bikes like KLRs and larger twins might find events that work for them, but surely will find events that are unfriendly or just impossible for the machines.

Promoters interested in adding their event to the schedule are invited to contact us! There is no cost to you; no cost to participants other than the event entry fee!

Promoters of Carolina Dual Sporters events use some or all of the proceeds of their events to benefit local and national charities. When you ride a CDS event, you may be helping a church building fund, a regional or nationally known charity. All events are run by volunteers; there are no paid positions in the clubs or the Carolina Dual Sporters.

We are adding organized adventure rides to the mix! Take advantage of all the local experience when you ride the routes n unfamiliar places! Generally speaking, expect more gravel/dirt roads and much less {if any} single track. Contact the promoters for more info on the routes and terrain.

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Click on for a national database of all kinds of motorcycling opportunities!

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