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2018 Blue Ridge ADV Ride



Ron and crew have added a 4th route! This is primarily a big bike route.

The new route is 40 or so miles away with no single track or even many dirt roads. You will climb from 1500 ft up to right turn on a 14 mile single lane dirt road that parallels the Appalachian Trail running along the TN, NC line. First up to 3000 ft for a overlook to Tn. , then up to 5000 ft to a overlook into NC. Back down to 3000 ft on great back roads blacktop, then back up to 6200 ft. Best for 690 for 1190 adventure bikes.

Ron Miller and crew are back at it again with the 2018 edition of the Blue Ridge ADV Ride! Miles of back country gravel roads snake alongside the Blue Ridge peaks and hollows, and just enough pavement to connect them. With any luck, the route will include what I call the Gravel Dragon, 22 miles of uninterrupted twists and turns! All proceeds benefit the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. While a minimum donation of $60 is asked, I’m sure they will take more…what the hey…going to a great cause! September 8th and 9th, centered in Pineola NC.

Done this one myself the past few years, it’s a BLAST!

This is the opening round of the KLIM Triple Adventure Series. Riders who attend the 3 rides in the series, the Slate Creek 500, the Blue Ridge ADV ride in Pineola NC, and the Renfro Valley ADV ride will be eligible to win riding suit from KLIM

Click For 2018 Blue Ridge ADV Ride Flyer


Here is the spot for your ride reports, questions, compliments and criticisms!

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